Marine SEO Consultant:
No Hype And No Fluff......
Just Increased Leads And Sales For More Profits!

Developed for marine online businesses that want solutions for more leads, profits and ROI.   I will show you how to stop trading time for money and start building an online business that works for you while you sleep.

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Why Do You Need A
Customized SEO Consultation?

At Marine SEO we do not sell ready-made packages of SEO.

That is because every website has  unique history and features that needs to be addressed differently. 

Only after a complete SEO audit of your marine website can we determine the right course of action.

I then show you the right steps to take to help your website rank on page one in the search results. 

Resulting in more leads, sales, and profits.

ranking first page of google

Rank Website First Page on Google

Ranking your website on the first page of Google will help you grow your business to a whole new level of leads, sales and profits.

At Marine SEO we specialize in reverse engineering site rankings so we can help you rank better and make more money.

Website SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a series of steps or processes that satisfy the search engine requirements to rank a page in its search results.

I know the quickest and most cost-efficient ways to rank at the top of page one in the search results.

rank youtube videos first page google

Video Marketing

Let’s be frank, Google owns Youtube.

Google’s business model is advertising. It is in Google’s best interest to show Youtube video results so they can control more of your online experience and expose you to more ads.

This helps you because getting your videos to the first page of Google is easier than ever before. First page rankings mean more leads and money for you and your business.

Pro Tip: Focused Sales Video converts better than any other marketing medium.

Even if you don’t have any videos already, or have some that are not performing well? I can help you get your new or existing videos to the first page of Google.

bypass seo for google adwords or ppc

Adwords Marketing - PPC

Don’t have time to wait for your website to achieve first page rankings from SEO?

PPC, pay per click or Google adwords is the instant way to deliver your website to leads and buyers of your services and or products.

Marine SEO has exclusive and specialized training and years of experience help you get the best results for your Google Adwords campaign.

Also, I can help your SEO and keyword research with our proprietary approach to Adwords.